Benefits in joining our team

Hi, I’m Boris, your broker, and I have the staff with the knowledge needed to handle your complete business backend. We offer a complete suite of tools and you have our staff for your use.

We have team members that operate their web development team and have set up marketing automation for our agents. We keep up to 6 months of property photos a description, and schedule posts for up to 1-3 times daily on your Facebook Business page.

  • Every agent gets a “@locatoragents.com” email address.
  • Facebook apartment posts, photos, and descriptions.
  • Chatbot Integration, services fees once you get traffic, but we’ll exhaust all free options before you go paid.
  • Slack Integration
  • Unlimited Workflow Integrations we have available
  • You Get a WordPress website created, like ours.
  • Free QR codes for marketing purposes, lead source tracking. Add this to your business card and scans can flow to your messenger, or other social media.
  • Free Biolink mobile pages.
  • Free Landing Page creation, upon request. Simply reach out to our development team, and they’ll get you situated.

Our broker is part of a larger team, and we have our traditional brokerage. Our transaction coordinators are available to take over your transaction one you know your client has signed a lease. Did you offer your client a rebate, or free move? Let our team know to coordinate any correspondence to keep you focused on your next client.

We have an in-house accounting team that handles all of your invoicing and collections. We keep track of all lease transactions and have communicate with our locators on daily on any property billing questions, concerns, and of course, any deposits for commission payouts, on time.

Alongside our marketing team, we’ve setup countless CRMs and can provide you with a few different options. We set up your automations, and create personalized user videos while we create your CRM tech stack.

E & O insurance is provided for the company an all agents.

We generate leads daily. Though some may not be solid leads that end up in a closed transaction, we share these leads on rotation. 

Do you have an idea, or a service you think would benefit and help generate you more business, let me know!. I’m always looking for more ways, services programs