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Definitions and Clarification of Common Terms and Phrases

REBATE: A rebate is considered a portion of the commission earned and paid from the property management company, which we pay a portion to you as a thank you for listing Locator Agents in the referral source for your apartment application and guest card.

COMMISSION: The payment received by the brokerage from the property management company. Properties pay us a broker commission in the range of 50% – 100% of one month rent of your lease.

User Rights and Responsibilities

Privacy Policy & Personal data usage: Information you submit on our website may be used in the future to contact you about real estate services or other services or products offered by Locator Agents, and our broker’s partner organizations. All solicitations will always include an opt-out or unsubscribe option. Opt-out policy below.

Rebate Offer Details:  All rebate offers are subject to the consent of the principals in which our Texas licensed real estate agents represent. We pay rebates to clients in the amount agreed upon with your licensed agent, not to exceed $500, for listing your agent’s name and Locator Agents as your referral source on your apartment guest card and application. We pay out rebate offers once your apartment community pays our brokerage; this process can take up to 90 days after your move-in, but also, some apartment communities pay within 30 days, so this part can vary depending on the apartment complex’s policies.  

We require that you sign a minimum of a 12+ month lease in order to qualify for any rebate offer amount. We do not offer a rebate with a lease under 12 months; most apartment complexes do not pay a commission for short-term leases. We cannot guarantee payment of any rebate if you have moved from one property to another property that is managed by the same property management company.  We will not pay a rebate if you break your lease agreement within your move-in date and the time we would receive the commission from the property management company, or if you are evicted within this same time-frame.

Service Termination and Opt-out Policy:  We request you to advise us via email if you would like for us to close out your file with our office, at any time. We appreciate it when clients let us know if they would want us to contact them in the future. We proactively monitor renewal dates in order to contact you in the future about real estate services offered by our office, and our broker’s other partner organizations.  Any and all solicitations will always include an opt-out or unsubscribe option.

Disclaimer/Limitation of Liability 

We are not liable for any disagreements for any contract disputes you may enter into with your property management company. Our brokerage service is limited to providing you with a list of apartments qualified with your search criteria, answering your real estate related question about prospective properties, or the process of leasing an apartment, and paying you a rebate offer, granted you choose to abide with the terms and conditions described in this document. You are the sole person responsible for making the final choice on which property to rent, and sign a lease, agreeing to the property management company’s terms and conditions – we do not make that decision and are not responsible for any issues which may arise as a result of that decision.  We provide you with information through local databases provided by apartmentdata.com. 

Notice regarding apartment rents and availability: Apartment unit pricing and availability are subject to change at any time, and without any notice. All information from apartmentdata.com is deemed reliable, yet may not be accurate. We adhere to the Texas Real Estate Commission Guidelines and Code of Ethics.

User Notification Upon Modification of Terms

Any changes to these terms and conditions will be posted on our website, HoustonApartmentHunter.com on the Terms and Conditions for Our Service and Rebates page. We will not notify you of any changes via any other method.

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